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House of Research and Worldview

House of RAW® is a research-based studio, founded by Cristin Ríchard in 2009. The primary focus is Trend Analysis and Forecasting Intelligence. Trends are multifaceted signals of the times in which we are living. House of RAW® utilizes the analytical process as a way to decode and define what is exciting and essential moving forward. There is no need to chase and replicate trends. Instead, we use our cumulative knowledge of them to set the tone and shape the future world with solid intentions. These insights aid our clients in the creation of valuable products and experiences for the changing market.

About the Founder

In the early 2000s, Cristin Ríchard began her career at one of the leading international automotive design studios as a Color & Materials Designer. There, she expanded her knowledge of color theory, material processes, and perception of quality. While many industries are future-focused, the automotive industry is particularly future-driven due to its intricate production timeline. As a result, Ríchard developed a passion for researching the latest innovative designs in all sectors of the Art and Design world, attending trade fairs and scouting society for its ever-changing fashions, lifestyles, and behavioral shifts. Always looking forward, this practice significantly contributed to her ability to predict trends and their relevance. Ríchard’s parallel career as an Interdisciplinary Artist is alternatively rooted in historical research. Her contrasting practices aid in the development of dynamic concepts that question our human experience. Working across different capacities (such as sculpture, installation, video, and performance) has revealed many anthropological insights that allow a deeper understanding of society. Essentially, both her artistic practice and research practice inform and fuel one another.


Trend Reports
Identifying the latest and most noteworthy in color, material, and form language

Trend Forecasts
A tool to educate and inspire Designers, containing a deeper level of analysis than a Trend Report,
including contributing societal factors, lifestyles, and behavioral shifts

Color Development
Utilizing trend insights to develop color strategies focused on relevance and longevity

Material Development
Working with suppliers to develop unique material processes, textile designs, and finishes

Concept Development
Formulating relevant and boundary-pushing ideas for all markets

Creation and management of compelling exhibition content

Haute Couture Experiences
Production of next-level consumer experiences

Select Clients and Partnerships


Info: info@houseofraw.com            

House of RAW® is a research-based studio located in Detroit, specializing in
Forecasting Intelligence and Haute Couture Experiences.

Detroit, Michigan. USA

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© 2023 House of RAW LLC
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House of RAW® is a research-based studio located in Detroit,
specializing in Forecasting Intelligence and Haute Couture Experiences.

© 2023 House of RAW LLC 
All Rights Reserved.

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